Culvert Submerged, Commuters Stranded After Torrential Rains at Juapong separates Ho from Accra

Date: June 30, 2024

Juapong, Ghana – Heavy rainfall battered Juapong yesterday, causing widespread flooding and submerging major culverts, leaving hundreds of commuters stranded.

The deluge, which began early Saturday morning, saw waters rise rapidly, inundating roads and low-lying areas. Culverts at Juapong, a key transportation artery, was completely submerged, forcing authorities to close it to traffic.

Commuters were left stranded, with many forced to wade through chest-deep waters to reach safety. About 100 vehicles were stuck between the Adomi Bridge and Juapong while a greater number remained motionless in a long queue at the other side..

The rainfall, measuring over 200 mm in some areas, was described as “unprecedented” by meteorologists. The city’s drainage system was overwhelmed, leading to the widespread flooding.

Authorities have set up temporary measures for those displaced and are working to restore transportation and essential services.

Industry players such as Intercity STC, says they will access the situation on the ground before adopting an alternative route between Ho and Accra.

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