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No need for another body surgery- Actress Gloria Sarfo tells Salma Mumin

Actress Gloria Osei Sarfo says even though she has no qualms with Salma Mumin undergoing body enhancement surgery, she will not advise the latter to go further changes to her body.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz yesterday, July 15, and monitored by Graphic Showbiz, the Efiewura actress said Salma will have her contending with when she goes for another procedure to enhance her body.

Gloria Sarfo mentioned that there are a number of problems including not being able to sleep on your side well or sit well that come with such body enhancement procedures, and thinks Salma Munin is fine with her current looks.

Actress Gloria Osei Sarfo says she will not advise Salma Mumin to go for further changes to her body.

Gloria’s comments comes after an Instagram post by the ‘Passion and Soul’ actress that she will not hesitate to go under the knife again if need be considering that people trolled her for her non curvaceous body shape in the past.

If I wake up tomorrow and don’t like this one, I will change it and there is nothing none of you can do about it! Leave me alone wai. The one pressing it is not complaining neither am I complaining,” Salma wrote in an Instagram post.

Gloria Sarfo, however, believes it would be an unhealthy decision to make.

“I know it’s her body and whatever decision she takes is hers, but I will plead with her not to go for another one.  If she has admitted to having a butt enlargement surgery which I feel fits her perfectly, she should kindly shun any thoughts of having another one because I know a lot of people who made such decision to go for top up and are currently in great pains and much regrets.

“Some can’t even sleep properly because of the pains they are going through but are reluctant to admit it or publicly talk about the challenges. She shouldn’t go further, I think she looks just fine. She shouldn’t listen to what people are saying and go and add on.

“Salma may have had a fantastic surgery and spent a lot of money to get everything flawless, I will still beg her not to enhance it . She  may be thinking it’s nobody’s business, but I will make it mine this time around,” she said.

The Efiewura star emphasised that that people should stop criticising Salma for having a liposuction since she could be motivated by her desire to have a flawless physique to model clothes she sells.

“She has a clothing business, so I think she thought she needed a specific figure that would be ideal for modelling and to attract  customers,” Gloria added.


Source: Graphiconline.com


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