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Politics is not about speaking big English but common sense -Lil Win

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For all the critics scorning the political ambitions of Kumawood actor and comedian, Lil Win as a joke since the business of politics is not for his kind who can‘t speak good English, he’s got a message for y’all.

“Excuse me to say, common sense is bigger than English. We use common sense to speak English”.

His latest comments is perhaps, an affirmation of his decision to contest as an independent candidate for the parliamentary seat in Afigya Kwabre South.

In the last few days, Lil Win has generated interesting conversations on social media and mainstream media when he publicly declared his political ambitions.

Since then, a number of people including Despite Media’s Ola Michael have sought to undermine his political dreams with comments that seem to suggest that Lil Win is not qualified for such a role.

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However, in a recent interview with Nkonkonsa, Lil Win noted his readiness to communicate with his constituency in his native language, Twi, and have it translated when necessary.

He noted that the value of his ideas and contributions to the community outweighs any potential language barriers.

“Excuse me to say, common sense is bigger than English. We use common sense to speak English, so if I don’t understand English, I will speak Twi for it to be translated, like what the Chinese do, especially their president.

“I am ever ready to assist the youth of my constituency with job creation…nobody is lazy, but because there are no jobs, that is why the youth have become lazy,” Lil Win said.

“Very soon, Afigya Kwabre independent MPs, rich people, and business people have come forward to support my bid. We are ready, and my campaign manager is Kwame Nkrumah Tikesee of Okay FM, so if there is anything you can contact him,” he added.

When questioned about his confidence in securing the parliamentary seat, Lil Win responded positively, saying, “Yes, I will succeed. Where there is no hope, that is where we get help from.”

Story Credit: Graphiconline.com

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