Protesters Besiege Parliament in Deadly Unrest in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – Chaos erupted in the streets of Nairobi today as protesters demanding removal of new tax reforms and denouncing government corruption besieged the Kenyan parliament, resulting in violent clashes with police that left at least 27 dead and many more injured.

The demonstrations, led by young activists and civil society organizations, began peacefully but quickly turned violent as police attempted to disperse the crowds with tear gas and batons. Protesters, wielding rocks and sticks, fought back, causing widespread destruction and chaos in the capital city.

A protester kicks back a tear gas cannister during deadly Kenya unrest in the capital, Nairobi.

The unrest comes as tensions simmer in the East African nation over allegations of government implementation of new horrendous tax amid corruption and economic malfeasance. There are widespread frustrations that President William Ruto also failed to deliver on his electoral promises to address corruption.

The government has condemned the violence, blaming “criminal elements” for the chaos, while opposition leaders have accused the police of using excessive force against peaceful protesters.

The situation remains volatile, with reports of ongoing clashes and arrests. International observers have called for calm and urged the government to engage in dialogue with opposition groups to resolve the crisis peacefully.

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